The characteristics of the OROFLEX WELL SYSTEM make it a brilliant investment in reliable and long-term cost-efficient water extraction:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – OROFLEX WELL transports more water than same diameter rigid piping.
  • EASE OF HANDLING – Easy to deploy and retrieve. It can be coiled on reels, taking little space for easy transport and low storage costs.
  • REDUCED INSTALLATION COSTS – Can be installed quicker and with less manpower than conventional rigid pipes.
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE - Can be installed many times without significant wear. Designed to have a minimum lifespan of 20 years.
  • TOTAL CORROSION FREE- Does not corrode and does not suffer from scaling or attacks from microorganisms.
  • FULLY APPROVED FOR POTABLE WATER  - The OROFLEX WELL hose is certified to NSF-61 (US).
  • IDEAL FOR CROOKED WELLS  - Where rigid piping cannot be installed.
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE WITH AGRESSIVE WATER  - Can operate with a PH water range between 4 and 9.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - The flexible riser absorbs noises and vibrations.
  • LONG LENGTHS AVAILABLE- Can be installed in wells with a depth of up to 850ft / 260m. Does not require safety cables.

NSF-61   5 year warranty   Eco Friendly